About Me and Travelling as a Flight Attendant’s Wife

My name is Laryssa and I am a Flight Attendant’s wife.  Yes my husband is a man and no not all male flight attendant’s are gay.  My husband has been a flight attendant since 20111.  In this short time he has travelled quite a bit and I have been travelling more then I used to.  This blog is going to be about my travels and the fun and not so fun parts of traveling SA (Space Available or Non-Reving).  No I do not pay for domestic flights when I travel and I do pay for taxes on International flights.  I have a daughter and the same holds true for her (at least until she turns 26.  Then she loses her flight privileges).

Yes I know you might be thinking that I have it good not having to pay for flights but remember I fly SA which means that there is not always a seat on the plane for me.  We get on the same flights as you do and the same flights are cancelled and this means that if your flight is cancelled they can book you on the next flight out, but, I have to wait and see if there are any seats available on the next flight.  I have been stuck in places for hours and even overnight due to cancelled or delayed flights.  I have flown to NY  and had to drive to Philadelphia to catch a flight to Paris (almost didn’t make that one).

But I have had good flights also.  Sometimes its smooth and other times it’s not. I do work full time and my husband will typically fly Thursday through Sunday.  I have a great boss who will let me  go if there is nothing going on in the office.  My husband is on reserve and never knows where he is going or if he is going.  I have a suitcase in my trunk 90% of the time while he’s gone so if he gets a good trip and I can get a seat I will hop on a flight.

I don’t fly every weekend (I wish I could) so there may be times when there isn’t much in the blogging but I will try and blog at least once a week whether I fly or not.  I also love to take pictures and always take a camera with me (especially when travelling out of the country) so there should be plenty of pictures that I will be posting as time goes on.    Leave a comment and I will respond.  Hope to start hearing from people.