The Netherlands

The first place I ever went in Europe was The Netherlands.  My husband grew up there and our first European vacation was to The Netherlands, also known as Holland.  It was the first time I had ever been on a plane for more than 5 hours and the ride out there was very bumpy.  To this day Holland remains one of my favorite places to visit and though the weather is not always pleasant we always enjoy ourselves. We have been back at least twice a year since my husband became a flight attendant.  We were there for one of the last times in February of 2016.  As you should know Amsterdam is the land of bicycles so here's a photo of bicycles in Holland just because they were there.

This day we decided to take a visit to Muiderslot.  This castle dates back to 1280 and was commissioned by Count Floris V.  We walked to the train station to go to the castle.  We passed these extremely colorful flowers and then walked past the canal with the huge tree hanging over the water casting its reflection in the water with it's autumn colored leaves.  

We walked through the town to get to the castle.  I love the canals in Holland.  They are every where.  Fewer canals then Venice (at least that's how it looks to me).  There are boats and house boats everywhere.  I loved the boats in the window below.

We came upon the castle and it was definitely a site to see.  There was a moat and everything.  The gardens probably would have been spectacular had it not been wintertime.  Everything was a brown color, but you could see how amazing it would be in the springtime with the flowers in bloom. 

It's amazing how small things were back then.  The doors looked barely tall enough for my husband to walk through without having to bend down.  Though I'm short so I would have had no issues. The bed was also very small.  Considering the Dutch were the tallest people on the planet in 2015 you would not have known it from these beds and doors. 

The bed pictured above had the most amazing woodwork and the iron below was filled to warm the bed.  

There were many amazing things inside the castles from the tapestries to the fireplace and the kitchen was huge full of many things.  Many of which I could not tell you what they were.   

I headed up through tight spaces and in and out of rooms.  My husband doesn't like heights so he didn't follow me.  I was able to take these photographs from near the top of the castle.  Though it was a cold and dreary day it was a sight to see. 


All in all it was a good day.  Back when I had more days available to take off we would fly somewhere for a day.  This was a three day trip for him.  That doesn't mean three days in one place.  This means you fly out one day spend a day in a location and then fly back the next morning.  I love these quick trips spent walking around a town taking in as many sights as we could.   We don't do it much anymore, at least I don't.  



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