Antigua and Barbuda

The island of Antigua and Barbuda was our first port on the Windsurf. We ended up not being able to go into the original port because the waters were too rough and had to go around the island to St. John's a different port. Most islands require a pilot get on board the ship and actually bring it into the dock.  We watched as the pilot boarded the ship.  Then his boat pulled away and went behind us. 

Watching the island as we sailed into to port made me feel so relaxed, imagining myself lying there on one of the beaches or in the water on an amazing sailboat. Wait, ok guess we have that part covered.  

We decided to do an excursion here, it was a tour around the island.  I think it was only about $59 each and had three stops and two of them we were only there for 10 minutes and the last one was 45 minutes.  We did learn a bit about the island and about the health care and schooling of the people on the island. Oh and they love to drive cars, fast and even have a drag racing road.  We were passed by several Subaru's you know The Fast and Furious.  

The first place we stopped was Blackhouse Ruins.  We were at the top of a cliff and with very steep drop off and waves crashing below.  Also, from this location you can see Eric Clapton's house.  

Here is Eric Clapton's house.  My gosh it's huge. 

We then went to Shirley Heights, you can see Falmouth Harbor from here.  

This is Fort Berkeley, it has been here since 1704 and has protected the harbor for years. 

The whole scene was quite serene.  Plus there were some amazing boats in the water. 

We didn't get to stop for a drink here because our stay was so short but we would get a drink at the next stop.  Antigua Rum.  We were headed to Nelson's Dockyard and Dow's Hill.  

This is a door at the front of Nelson's Dockyard.  They used to clean the bottom of the boats here and the men would work for alcohol.  We then went back to the boat.  I would not do an excursion here again.  Though it was interesting we probably could have seen more of the island in a car with a map.  In addition, it was a Sunday and almost everything was closed because they are very religious on the island.