Monaco For A Day

Last year when we were in Italy we drove from Cinque Terre to Cannes.  In the morning we took a drive to Monaco.  We passed through Nice and saw this really cool building.  Then when we stopped to look at one of the overlooks we saw an amazing view and then saw a helicopter taking off from right near the mountain.  Looked pretty scary to me.  I would not have wanted to be in that elevator. 

Down at the port, my husband had to get in the car for the Monaco Grand Prix.  We then walked around and looked at the boats or rather the yachts.  One of the people there had a yacht with a helicopter on it.  I'm sure that's a necessity and I would never get on my yacht if my helicopter weren't there. 

We then decided to walk to the Monte Carlo Casino.  This is the casino we have seen many James Bond Movies and also Oceans Twelve.  It's amazing to see but in my research, before this casino was built Monaco was losing money and the resort they had built was not doing well because the tiny country was hard to get to.  Of course, there were a lot of fancy expensive cars parked in front of the casino.  My husband took those photographs I did not. The car in the last photo looked like it was filled with swag bags.  The name on the car is the company that runs the casino and various hotels and eateries around Monaco.  

We then walked over to the beach area.  There was one guy doing laps and the water was cold.  Though this was not sand on the beach it was very pebbly.  

After leaving the beach we walked back to the port we were trying to go to the other side of the town where the palace was.  We hopped a boat instead of walking around the port.  Here we got a great view of the port from the water. 

We then walked by Fort Antoine to the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.  We did not go inside but I got a great shot of the outside of the building.  Then we walked down to St Nicholas Church where Princess Grace is buried and I believe an annex next to it.  Then down to the palace where a guard posed for me.  Well, he was already standing there so I took a photograph.


After taking another photograph of the town we decided to head back to the car.  We ended up taking a bus which took us all the way back to where we had parked.  Before we left I suggested to my husband that he drive part of the circuit of the Monaco Gran Prix.  I took a blurry photograph of us driving through the tunnel.  We then found ourselves down by the port once again and found a parking garage and decided to go for dinner. 

Before dinner I had to take a photograph of the palace and another one of the port more at night.  We ate a very fancy, expensive french restaurant named Quai des Artistes.  The meal was very good and we had a couple sitting next to us that had flown their private jet over.  The waiter accidentally gave us their bill and though they had not finished eating yet they had already racked up a 400 euro bill.  Of course, we were shocked when we saw it and thought it was ours.  Thankfully the waiter came along and took it back and apologized.  My mild heart attack went away.  

Monaco was a beautiful town very expensive but really nice.  If you want to live in Monaco there are three ways to do it.  I found this on 

Here are the three ways

You were offered an employment contract by an authorised Monegasque employer (but these are few and far between);

You intend to set up a business activity in Monaco: only once you have an official document authorising the establishment of a company you can obtain a residence permit;

You can demonstrate that you’re wealthy and have sufficient income without engaging in any gainful employment. You will need to open a bank account with a bank in Monaco, deposit minimum EUR 500,000 and acquire a bank reference of that bank stating you have sufficient funds to support yourself in Monaco.

I cannot afford it but maybe you can.  If you can please invite me to visit as I would love to go back there again. 

When we got to Monaco we parked near the top of the town and decided to walk down to the port.  The buildings were beautiful but the port was even more amazing. 

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