10 Things I Love About Santorini Part 1

Santorini is a beautiful island and visiting there was nothing like I thought it would be.  The island is relatively small 35.12 square miles.  This makes getting around (especially if you have a rental car) very easy. We went back and forth and over most of the island and here are the top 10 things I loved most about Santorini.

1.     The people are very friendly.   We spoke to various people that either live in Santorini full time or part time.  The waitress at The Corner Bar which is located at Perissa Beach was originally from Athens but spends her summers working on Santorini.  One of the waiters at Theofanis Family Tavern was headed to Japan to work in a few weeks.  One of the owners of a store in Fira was a teacher.  The people here are amazing and friendly and will talk to you and treat you like family.  We spoke to the owner of Theotokaki Art Gallery, Stathis he shared his story and let us know about the weather in Santorini during the winter time.  We spent about and hour in his store just talking to him about his life, family, and life on Santorini.

2.     This leads to the second great thing here.  Almost everyone speaks English.  One of the great things about English is that it is a universal language.  With all of the tourist that visit Santorini English is the language most people seemed to communicate with.   So if you worry about not being able to understand people when you travel we have never found that to be the case.

3.     The views in Santorini are amazing.  Just staring out into the Mediterranean and looking at the volcano as the sun sets is amazing.  We went up to the Monastery and you can see the ocean on both sides of the island.  Plus there are amazing views from wherever you sit on the caldera or if you are in the water.

4.     Everything on the island is close.  All you have to do is jump in your car, scooter or ATV and you can be on the other side of the island in about 20 minutes.  It took us about 15 minutes to get to the airport.  Fira and Oia are less than 30 minutes from Akrotiri and up to the highest part of the mountain only takes about 20 minutes.  Though to get up to the Monastery the roads are narrow and we had to pull over several times to let other vehicles or big tourist bus go by that was going in the opposite direction.  The Monastery is near the town of Pyrgos. 

5.     These towns have the most amazing doors.  It's nothing fancy by a beautiful blue door against the white of the buildings just make you want to enter those doorways and relax in the homes.  We did not stay in any of these places but the just appeared so relaxing and inviting. In addition to blue, there are other color doors also. 

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