Fira (or Thera or Thira)

The first town we visited in Santorini was Fira.  This is perhaps the most touristy of the town.  Typically the cruise ships will dock near Fira and the tenders will bring the passengers over.  There are three ways up to Fira from the dock you can take the cable car, a donkey or you can walk.  Since we were already at the top we decided to walk down.  If you opt for the donkey it is 5 euro per person.  I believe the cable car is the came cost. 

On the way down and of course back up watch out for the donkey poop it is everywhere.  It's like dodging bombs and stinks like you would not believe. Especially if you are upwind of it and ughhh it was gross. 

When we got to the bottom we decided to stop for a Fanta Limon and a water.  It was pretty hot so make sure you have water on the way down as well as up.  

Just in case you are wondering there are shops and things down here also.  From here you can also do excursions.  Though most people will either take a donkey or the cable car up.  Very few people are crazy enough to walk.  Well you know except us of course.  This is view at the bottom.

After a much-needed rest (down is not easy either) we decided to head back up to the town and explore it.  The climb was tiring, it was hot, there was lots of poop and pee (from the donkey's).  Plus you had to dodge donkeys that were either coming up or down.  We finally made it to the top though and stopped at a nearby Cafe for a Cafe Freddo (cold coffee).  Here is a view from the top 533 steps.  

And a photo of our Cafe Freddo (the drink) at the Porta Carra Bar.  As we were sitting here I smelled Basil.  I was amazed at this Basil bush next to me.  I've never seen one this big.  I just wanted to take it home. 

The thing I liked most about Fira is that you can walk freely around the town.  Up and down the stairs.  There was nothing stopping you.  You could go wherever you want.  The same is not true for Oia (Ia).  We walked up and down in front of houses and where ever we wanted.  There are several churches in Fira and I just loved the colorful doors.  Every step we took I just wanted to take photos of the doors. 


Here are several of the doors or doorway photographs I took in Fira.


Also, there were bougainvilleas all over the place.  We love these flowers but for some reason, we cannot grow them at our house.  They do grow in St Augustine but we have not been able to.  We do want to try again, though.

We kept climbing higher and higher and the town got quieter and quieter.  I'm not sure if we left Fira for the next town up, we may have.  For those of you that have been to Paris, we found a love lock gate here in Santorini.  I thought it was funny. 

Here are several more photos of Fira and one at night from a restaurant we were eating at.  I don't have photos here of the touristy section but Fira is probably where the most tourist go. There are plenty of places to eat and shop.  Lots of trinkets, clothing, and jewelry.  If you want to spend money this is the town to do it in.  I loved the crowds of people and listening to the different languages while walking through the town. 

We did a lot of walking in Fira and were tired the next day.  But we could not stop and rest.  By the third day, our calves were achy and just walking down the steps in the hotel was slightly painful. 

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