Oia or Ia

Ia is one of the classic Greek towns you hear about.  As you walk into the town the ground is grey marble and the high-end stores on your right-hand side are all white and bright in the sun.  On the left are the white houses and the deep blue ocean and of course the caldera of the volcano. The photo is us leaving Ia which is why it's backwards.

Of course, no Greek town would be complete without churches and there are plenty of them here.  Just your basic white up against either the bright blue sky or the dark blue ocean. 

As you walk farther into the town the streets narrow and are crowded with tourist.  At one part we walked by a beautiful bougainvillea tree.

As you look out over into the town you see why it was listed as number nine Best Island in the World by Conde Nast in 2015. Here is a video by my husband. 

And some photographs by me.

This town was pretty crowded.  It is definitely touristy.  Though it's harder to go down into the town as many of the steps are closed off with rope because they are where the hotels are located. 

I believe in this photo they are all trying to get the iconic shot with the blue roofs of the churches and the water in the background.  You know like these. 

You can't see it but the big yellow sign says "Attention danger of landslide no entry"  People don't listen.  Though we didn't either because we saw the sign and walked right in.  It's funny there are tourists sitting on the walls with no fear of falling.  

One of the reasons it was so crowded was there were four cruise ships on the island on this day.

The other thing you see a lot of near the churches are the church bells.  They are everywhere also. They white of them stand out against the dark blue sea behind them. 

We then walked more into the town and I found my favorite house.  The flowers are absolutely beautiful.

At the end of Ia is a pool bar and lounge call Lioyerma.  You can get in their pool and enjoy the sunset, all you have to do is buy a drink.  The pool was refreshing and the sunset was beautiful.

This is an amazing town to visit.  If you want beautiful views and to watch the sunset then staying here would be good.  If you want a party atmosphere, than stay in Fira or if you want quiet away from it all stay where we stayed (see my post on the hotel).  Note that you cannot drive to your hotel in either Fira or Ia you have to park and then walk with your suitcase to the hotel up and down the steps. 

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