Windstar "A Day At Sea"

What does a day at sea mean to you, well I figured a day at sea would be relaxing with nothing to do.  Now, this is a possibility but on The Windsurf you have other options.  Here is the itinerary for a day at sea

We decided to sleep in since we could go to breakfast at 10 am.  No yoga or stretch for us.  I believe we arrived at the dining room slightly after 9 am.  It was pretty crowded in the morning as I think everyone wanted to sleep late.  While we were waiting for a table we were going past this island.  This is Saba, I first heard about this Dutch owned island on the Amateur Traveler podcast. Chris's podcast is about many locations around the world.  Anyway, Saba has amazing diving and is known as The Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean.  We went by and will probably have to make that a separate trip.  

The island of Saba

The island of Saba

As I said the breakfast area was crowded but we got to enjoy the sails actually being up during the day time.  Typically they are up in the evening.  

We ate breakfast and I read the itinerary. Yes, I know they dropped it off the evening before but I didn't get a chance to look at it.  As I looked over the itinerary during breakfast I noticed that there was a lot to do throughout the day.  We finished breakfast and went to sign up for the Galley Tour.  When we arrived at reception the tour was full but they had the chef on the phone and he allowed us to join them.   I went to the room and grabbed my camera.  

This is Chef Chet he is the Executive Chef for Windstar Cruises, I believe he works with all of the yachts they have.  

Chef Chet

Chef Chet

Into the galley, we went. No special gear except closed toed shoes. The cooks were down there preparing lunch and dinner already. Well, actually one of them was making lunch for the crew.

Crew Meal

Crew Meal

They were also making our meals.  There was a lot of activity going on in the galley.  There are lots of rules and regulations with the preparation of the food. How, if the equipment is broken it has to be logged in, when it was noticed and when it was repaired.  There is a  schedule for what has to be made, when, and what everyone wears during service of the meal.  They have gluten free items and those are made by an outside company because of the control factor and they don't want to risk cross contamination.  

Windsurf Day at Sea-00165.jpg
Windsurf Day at Sea-00178.jpg
Windsurf Day at Sea-00181.jpg
Windsurf Day at Sea-00180.jpg
Windsurf Day at Sea-00176.jpg

After doing the galley tour we walked around the deck.  There were crew members cleaning the deck and doing other crew stuff.

I took several photos of the sails. Though I could not get far enough away.

The Windsurf has an open bridge policy.  Anytime they are sailing, passengers are invited into the bridge to look around and ask questions.  We were talking to one of the crew members and he was new.  His job was to update the maps.  There are updates all the time and he has to go into the maps and replace the sections with the updates.  Kind of like arts and crafts.  

We then lounged around the pool for a bit waiting for the cocktail demonstration to start.  We had a bloody mary and my husband went into pool. The water was cool but after sitting in the sun it felt good. 

Windsurf Day at Sea-00220.jpg

We then went to the cocktail demonstration where the bartender made three different drinks.  Of course, I can only remember two of them. One of them was a Stawberry Mojito, one was a Singapore Sling and I can't remember the third one.  I can tell you that they all tasted very good.  We were able to sample all three.  

Strawberry Mojito

Strawberry Mojito

Windsurf Day at Sea-00229.jpg

After the demonstration, we went to eat lunch.  I love the food on this cruise.  It was different every day.

After lunch, we relaxed and bathed in the sun for a little while.  Then we went to watch the video Mighty Ships Windsurf click the link to watch the 43 minute video.  It really is quite interesting.  We then listened to the Captain's Talk where we were able to ask him questions.  Aterwards, the gym and then dinner in AmphorA dining room where I had French Onion Soup and a strawberry cake.

After dinner, we walked to the front of the boat because I wanted to take a picture as the moon was pretty much full.  The first photo here was taken at night with a long shutter speed so it looks like it was taken during the daytime. 

After the photos, we went to the lounge to watch the Officer Liar's Club.  This was probably the best entertainment.  As you can tell in the photo below there is a word on the screen.  Each of the officers came up with a meaning of the word and we had to figure out which one of them was telling the truth.  Most of the words were not recognizable by anyone around us anyway, as everyone looked quite confused.  They also made it a competition between about 20 different groups in the lounge.  Needless to say, our group didn't win but we weren't in last place either.

By the way, the word above mean "The practice of cannibalism outside of the tribe or family."

All in all it was a great day at sea.  

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