Day Trip to The Miami Strictly Sail Boat Show

Have you ever dreamed of just owning a boat and sailing around the world?  Not having that 9 to 5 or "real job".  This is something we have been kicking around the last few weeks.  Wouldn't it be amazing if we could just do it.  Back in February, we drove down to the Strictly Sail Miami Boat Show.  My husband loves to look at boats and we figured what the heck make it a day trip.  We left home at 6:15am and arrive in Miami around 4 1/2 hours later.  By the way, we love road trips which is why we chose to drive 10 hours in one day.  Yes we had to get back home.  

We had to walk through the "other items" on display before we could make our way to the boats.  There were a lot of things for sale but not anything we wanted. 

Finally, after getting through all the "stuff" we got to the boats.  We started on one end with the monohulls and then made our way to the catamarans.  I'm more of an inside of the boat person so of course that's what most of my photos are of.  I really didn't do this show justice as there were some amazing looking boats.  I think I was just completely in awe of the amount of money it would cost to get a boat like any of these.  Most of these boats cost more than our house.  

Surprisingly I could see myself living on any of these boat with our two dogs and three cats. I could totally see myself sitting at one of the desks on any of these boats writing my blog about our adventure of the day.  Even cooking in the kitchen which had a gimbaled stove.  This means that when the boat heels the stove stays level. 

After looking at several boats we decided we were hungry we walked on the waterfront and decided on Mambo a restaurant.  It had a Cuban flair.  I order mofongo which was amazing and then I had Tres Leche Cake.  I was full, and happy walking out of there.

After lunch we were headed out to look at more boats.  I love the decorations in all the bedrooms.  I've got some decorating ideas floating around my head for the house. 

miami boat show-00035.jpg

My husband's favorite boat was the Leopard 48, it was a little less than $500,000 but it would be perfect for us and our fur babies.  Here are some photos of the Lagoon Seventy 7.  We couldn't even get on there to look at it unless we had an appointment and brought our boat broker with us.  But we left our boat broker at his boat brokers office. 

After looking at the Leopards we made our way back to the car and had the 5 hour drive home.  Traffic was pretty bad but we made it.  I can't wait until next year to go to the boat show, maybe I will get more photos of the outside of the boats.  Here are two my husband took.  

That's me leaving the boat show

That's me leaving the boat show