I’m Back

Yes I know it’s been a while and I still have to gather my pictures but it has been a crazy month.  We were in Amsterdam for the first weekend in October and then I was home for 4 days and flew to NY for the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk.  My mom and sister and I did Roosevelt Island this year.  Then I was home for 5 days and flew to Philadelphia on Saturday to then fly out to Zurich, Switzerland on Sunday.  We got back from Zurich on Tuesday and I was at work on Wednesday morning.  This weekend was the first weekend I’ve been home and I just relaxed and enjoyed it.  Of course, I have pictures from each place and will be posting them shortly.  There really should be no major travel for the rest of the year since my co-workers will be taking off and I have to cover for them and also I only have one vacation day left.  But don’t fret because my husband has vacation in January and we will be planning a trip probably to Rome.  Hopefully, my mom, sister, and daughter will be able to go with us.  So looking forward to getting you my pictures.

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