Kalimera Hotel

One of the ways I look for hotels sometimes is to do Priceline.  I've used Priceline hotel bidding in Venice, Athens, and Paris.  This time, I used it in Santorini.  I knew the hotels were pretty expensive and I did some research on the cost before I bid.  The scary thing about Priceline is that you don't know exactly where the hotel will be or what amenities you will get. So here's the deal you pick a location so for Santorini, it had the major towns that we could choose from Akrotiri, Kamari, Megalochori - Pyrgos - Mesaria, Oia, Perissa along with a map of where these towns are located.  It also asks the star level you would like from a two-star hotel to a five-star hotel.  I typically pick a three-star hotel.  Then you put in your price and name and enter your credit card number and push the button.   If you don't get your bid on the first try you can go again.  The one problem here is just entering another price doesn't seem to be allowed so you have to basically start over again or change the town.  This has always been a problem more inputting but still, works out.   So I put in $125 per night and got a hotel right away. The hotel we won, is that the right word, was the Kalimera Hotel and it included free wifi, free parking, and free breakfast. It was like hitting the Jackpot.

As yo know, you really aren't sure about a place until you actually go there.  We had the best hotel room when we went to Venice the first time, though the hotel in Athens was ok not a dump but not what I expected.  I remember thinking my computer monitor was bigger than the TV in the room in Athens.  So, of course, I scoured the internet to photos of Kalimera Hotel.  They seemed fine they had some good reviews and some complaints but that's to be expected.

When we arrived at the hotel I was pleasantly surprised.  Here is a photograph of the entrance.We parked the car and walked into the entrance and got to meet Giorgos. 

Giorgos was very helpful and showed us around the hotel.  It was a great boutique hotel.  Here are a couple of photos around the hotel.

The hotel has a restaurant and a bar in it, just in case you didn't feel like going elsewhere to drink and eat.  

As I stated the hotel has free breakfast from 8 am to 10 am daily.  There wasn't really a hot meal but the breakfast was very good.  There were hard boiled eggs, yogurt, tomatoes, fruit, feta cheese, olives, bread, cereal and coffee, and juice.  

We would eat breakfast by the pool every day and the staff was always friendly and helpful. 

I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone wanting to stay in Santorini.  This is not a large hotel more like a boutique hotel.  There were about 21 rooms.  The staff was always around, always friendly and even help us book a tour.  When we booked the tour we needed to pay with cash but we didn't have any on us. Giorgos booked the tour and told us to come back with the cash later.  We went by after going out for the day and brought them the cash.  The good thing about staying in Akrotiri and this hotel was the parking.  If you stay in Fira or Ia most of the hotels are on the water and yes they have stunning views but no parking nearby.  Just remember you have to get your suitcase(s) from the car to the hotel up and down all the steps in either Fira or Ia.