On The Move Again

So I forgot to mention that I was headed to NY this weekend.  I left on Friday and actually made it in without any issues.  It was really easy and I was relieved.  Now my daughter and her boyfriend left today late in the afternoon.  Their plane was delayed at home and all the flights were zeroed out meaning there weren’t any seats on them.  But somehow they managed to get out of our airport.  I was stressing especially since the plane was delayed.  You see her birthday is today and it would have sucked if she didn’t make it in.  Now, my husband is in Philly and they were able to meet up with him and they are driving from Philly to New York. Which is good because I just checked the flight and they would not have made the flight they were booked on.  It has been a crazy stressful travel day and I’m not even the one travelling.

Laryssa GobetsComment