Flying SA and living in Florida

So as many of you know it is spring break.  Well this is my husband’s first year flying during spring break.  Last year he was in training.  He tried to get up to base and just barely made it on the flight.  The gate agent had given him a ticket and then the person showed up and they took away his ticket.  Luckily the other SA on the flight was a Pilot and he went in the Pilot jumpseat and my husband was able to get on the flight.  He did get a trip this weekend doing the Boston, Laguardia, Philadelphia shuttle.  This is at least 3 flights a day so he will be tired when he gets home on Wednesday.  I think a lot of flight attendants are on vacation or something.  He has flown every time he has been on (which is odd). Normally he sits in the base at least two weeks out of the month.  He prefers to fly and doesn’t like sitting in the crash pad.  He hasn’t gone anywhere that I’m willing to miss a day of work for but who knows maybe next week he will.

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