Going to the Reception

I’m headed to the reception and my husband is headed to Phoenix.  I’ve been to Phoenix twice and if it weren’t for the reception I would go again.  We were going to head to Scottsdale the next time we were there.  He is going to be flying the red-eye back and I hate the red-eye.  The last time we were in Phoenix airport it was 11pm and the airport was extremely crowded.  I have never been in an airport that crowded at night.  Even the Philadelphia airport quiets down at night.  I did let him know that if he happens to go to Tempe to pick up Sour Dots for me.  I love Sour Dots and they don’t sell them where we live anymore.  I used to be able to get them from Walgreens but they have discontinued then.  Now the only place is in Tempe, so if he knows what is good for him he will get  the Sour Dots (just kidding I don’t need the calories).  We are happy that he gets to fly and I hope he has a good time in AZ.

Laryssa GobetsComment