On the way home

I’m on the way home today.  I thought about going home yesterday but the flights were pretty full.  When I had checked Saturday evening there was a flight that had no seats available and 38 non-revs.  I decided I would wait another day.   I’m in DC now waiting for my flight home.  When I got to Laguardia they announced that the earlier plane to DC had seats available and if anyone wanted to leave earlier they could, so I jumped on the opportunity to fly out of Laguardia.  I was hoping to catch the earlier flight home but by the time I got off the plane it was being pushed out away from the gate.  So now I am just waiting for my flight home hoping to make it home before this evening.  There are no coach seats available, but 8 first class seats.  I’m not the type of person tat cares if I get first class or not I just want a seat on the plane.

Laryssa GobetsComment