My Journey Home

My journey home wasn’t exciting thankfully.  I was unable to sleep Thursday night because at that time the flight still showed no seats available.  When I woke up on Friday morning there were 5 seats available on the plane.  I still wasn’t in the clear but better than the evening before.  I check in and went upstairs to go through security.  My husband was not able to be with me because they have to go through a special security section.  While going through security I forgot to take my cell phone out of my back pocket.  I had the special privilege to be frisked by a security person there no big deal.  It happens it was my fault.  Than they are a little more particular about electronic devices in Germany and I know this so I typically take out not only my laptop but my iPad and my tablet (yes I have both don’t judge).  Well they weren’t happy with that and wanted to check the pack of charges that I have packed in my bag and I also had to take out my DSLR and my micro 4/3rd’s camera and open them both up and also I had to take the front and rear lens caps off of all 4 of my lenses.  Of course I joked with the security guy not get dust in my camera.  I’m very easy going and would rather feel safe.  Since I have nothing to hide I have no issues.  I then went upstairs to passport control and there were a lot of lines that were very long. It was getting close to boarding time so I was sweating a bit.  I got on one line and didn’t move up on time so some people jumped in front of me.  This is something that is done in Europe they tend to skip lines if you don’t move up.  I then saw another line moving faster and moved over there.  Thankfully I did because that line moved very quickly (and the people who jumped in line in front of me were left in the dust).  I got through and went to the gate.  I got a seat in the bulkhead so I had lots of leg room and very happy to be on the plane headed back to Philly.  Here is a link to the pictures from Munich.

Here are thumbnails of the flickr photos



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