Jost Van Dyke

The island that tastes like pineapple, dark rum, orange juice, cream of coconut and nutmeg.  Ok maybe the island doesn't taste that way but this is the home of the world famous Painkiller.  Originally created at the Soggy Dollar Bar, we all know the ingredients that go in this drink are known but how much of each is still a secret to this day.  

So, of course, you know the first place we head when we step foot off of the boat was the Soggy Dollar Bar.  First onto the tender through the beautiful waters of Jost VanDyke.  

Jost Van Dyke BVI
White Bay, Jost Van Dyke B.V.I.

We considered walking to the bar but we decided against it.  It was over the hill on the right-hand side of the photo.  Thankfully we didn't because it wasn't as close as we thought it was.  We took an open jeep taxi and it was $5.00 each.  My initial thought was that it was pretty early and they might not be open and serving drinks first thing in the morning.  Well, I was incorrect and we were not the only people walking in.  

Soggy Dollar Bar

We decided to walk down the beach before we had our drink (or two).  The beach was beautiful and the water was so blue.  There were many stores and bars on the beach that we walked past.  These are decorations not junk on the beach.  Except for the lawn chair that may have been junk.  

After buying some shirts at Love's we walked to the Soggy Dollar to taste test the Pain Killer. The Soggy Dollar is named so because when it was built there was no dock or road (there is a road now).  Boaters used to anchor offshore and swim to the bar, bringing wet dollars with them.  Our credit card was dry but we decided to have a few drinks at The Soggy Dollar. We started with a, you guessed it, Painkiller.  This is not our first time having one, but it is the first time having the original.  

The drinks are served in these cups with info on them about the Painkiller.  The info is on the back.  

The beach was amazing and there were plenty of people hanging out enjoying the drinks and the sun.  It did rain several times briefly but that didn't stop anyone from hanging out having fun and drinking. We also took the time to have lunch here since it was raining. 

After having several drinks at Soggy Dollar we decided to head to another famous place on the island.  We headed to Foxy's Bar.  Foxy's is famous for it's owner Foxy Callwood who likes to play music at the bar and also for the New Year's Eve Party that is known as Old Year's Night Party.  

After another PainKiller (had to try a different one).  We headed back to the dock to get on the boats.  We passed the police station and several bars and stores.  I then decided to take a few photographs of the bay from higher ground.  

jost van dyke-00630.jpg

After getting back on the boat we got ready for dinner.  Tonight was the crew show.  The crew put on a great show for us and all I can say is that if you ever get a chance to go on a Wiindstar cruise be sure to catch the crew show. 

The most amazing thing about Windstar is the crew.  They are friendly and they always want to help.  They know your name and they are always asking about you.