Sopher's Hole Tortola

Our next stop was Sopher's Hole in Tortola.  We had a snorkeling excursion set for this port.  Now if you know anything about me, you know I'm from New York City.  Yes, the I'm a Bronx girl originally.  Yes, yes I know I've been in Florida over 20 years.  As a New York girl I never went to the beach in the water.  The closest beach was Orchard Beach and back in those days you didn't get in the water at Orchard.  So needless to say I have never been much of a swimmer.  I can swim but have never really gone into the ocean much.  Don't get me wrong I have spent lots of time on the sand and I will get in the water but not go underwater. 

Well, when we went to Greece last year I wanted to go underwater.  So that was my first snorkeling experience and it was great. Thankfully my husband, whom I swear is part fish, was very patient with me and didn't leave my side.  Even when we went on the boat tour in Greece and I panicked and was rushing to swim to the hot springs he calmed me down and said you have plenty of time no reason to rush.  

Anyway, back to Sopher's Hole, I'm the one that wanted to go snorkeling and get my feet wet in ocean water again.  

We woke up early because I wanted to get a few photos of the sunrise before we ported.  

We then watched them dropping the tender into the water.  It was interesting to see them take it down slowly. 

As we were tendering away from the ship I had to take pictures.  She looked so beautiful in the water and she even had her swim platform open.  

So onto the boat out to snorkel is where we went.  The view was amazing as we were sailing away from Sopher's Hole.  Then we came upon The Indians and Pelican Island.  It was where we were going to go snorkeling.  It looked amazing from above water.  

And that is not snow on the rock.  I believe that's why they call it Pelican Island.  So into the water we went.  Everyone had to wear a life vest.  We swam around and under the water.  I didn't take my camera with me but we saw a turtle and lots of fish and you know underwater stuff.  We swam around for a bit.  The current was actually pretty strong so it was tiring swimming around.  I got out of the water and Michel stayed in.  He's so relaxed in the water.  

We then went over to Norman's Island to lay out out on the beach and relax for a few.  

We did a little bit of snorkeling and then got back on the boat to head back to the ship.  I must say our tour guides on Ocean Girlz were great.  I could not find them online but that was the name of the boat we were on.  Sailing back we had to go right past The Windsurf. 

After we got back on the ship we decided to have lunch.  Then my husband wanted to make use of the swim platform.  First, he started with the standup paddle board.  Then he took out a small catamaran, and then he went water skiing.  It made me tired just watching him.  But like I said I think he's part fish.

This was the night of the barbecue and all other restaurants on the boat were closed.  There was so much food.  We were so full after eating.  They sure do know how to cook for a lot of people.  

The boat was docking at Jost Van Dyke that evening and they were tendering out to the island but we chose to stay on the boat instead.  After the long day, we decided we would be too tired to head to the island.  By the way, Jost Van Dyke is the home of the original Pain Killer.