The Baths of Virgin Gorda...or Not....

The Baths are an amazing place on the island of Virgin Gorda.  There are huge rocks on the beach that you can walk under and around and the beach itself is pristine.  At least that is what I hear.  We were scheduled to go to The Baths on day 6 of our Windstar Cruise, but unfortunately, we did not.  According to the captain, the waters were too rough and we could not anchor at Virgin Gorda so there went that dream.  Instead of the beauty of the baths we got this....

The shipping port at Road Town, Tortola.  Not quite what I was expecting and I was incredibly disappointed.  I must commend the crew of the Windsurf as they did the best they could with what they had.  They organized excursions, refunded the money for the excursions we had, found a shuttle to take us from this port to the cruise port and even brought entertainment on the ship and free drinks from 4 pm to 6 pm.  Also, we were supposed to have a party on Prickley Pear Island.  Of course, it was a no go.  In addition to all of that, it started to rain after we got back to the ship during lunch.  

This was our view when we got back to the ship.  Watching people unload a ship.  Am I being too negative?  I was on a gorgeous boat but not at the island I wanted to be on.  I guess weather can mess with you no matter where you go.   

As I stated the Captain had entertainment brought on board and they gave us rum punch drinks.  Though to be honest the drinks were more punch then rum punch and they weren't passing around that many.  I think we were maybe able to have one or two drinks each.  

After all that glorious fun we went to dinner.  We had reservations for Candles but decided to go to the main dining room instead.  The menu looked better in the main dining room this evening. 

The boat was rocking around quite a bit this evening and someone even fell out of their chair in the dining room.  It was quite entertaining watching others walk and try and keep their balance and doing the same ourselves.  It was a very rocking evening on the waters.  I even slept a little closer to the middle of the bed in hopes of not falling out.  

Unfortunately, the following day we were supposed to arrive in Saint Barthelemy but that too was cancelled because the water would be too rough for the tenders.  The captain ended up taking us to St Maarten which was the final destination and disembarkation port.  We were able to get off the ship and explore St Maarten and we would stay in port and spend the evening on the boat and then disembark in the morning.  Several people decided to disembark on that day and not spend an additional night on the boat.  We decided to go into St Maarten as the last time we were here was during the slow season and there wasn't much going on.  We walked around town and purchased matching Anchor bracelets and decided to lounge on the beach. We paid for beach chairs at the Holland House and this included two beers each. 

In the evening the crew came out and said goodbye to us.  It was wonderful to see them all.  I must say crew wise they were the most attentive, caring and nice crew I would imagine. 

The following morning we had a 9am flight and we were the first group to leave the boat headed to the airport.  They brought us from the dock to the building where our luggage was by golf cart.  I took these photographs as we were driving away.  

Our Windstar Cruise aboard the Windsurf had finally come to an end.  Windstar is an amazing cruise line.  If you are tired of the large cruise lines and just want to relax and to be pampered and cared for than a Windstar Cruise is for you.  I say do it and sit back and enjoy!!!