Lisbon O Fim (The End)

So it's finally time to finish up the Lisbon trip. This had been a long day and several weeks posting and it's time to finish up.  After walking up the Avenida de Liberdade I walked to the Praça Marquês de Pombal.  This is the main plaza and it merges three of the large boulevards.  

After walking to the top of the hill.  I decided to head back down.  I love the way you can see all the way to the water from up here.  It's like all of Lisbon is in view.  I headed down and decided I would take the Aerobus back.  Grateful once again for the 24 hour time frame. My chariot arrived after about 20 minutes.  It was close to 2 o'clock and I wanted to check into the hotel and recharge my cell phone.  I had decided not to take photos of the graffiti, I just wasn't in the mood after the long walk. 

If you would like to see photos of the hotel and my opinion then feel free to check it out here.  I'm going to start posting photos and reviews of the places that we stay.  I will also include the cost of the hotel and if we had any special airline deals.  After the recharge of the phone and myself, I decided I was going to head up to the castle.  As soon as I figured out how to get there.  Well uphill again I went. 

After the long walk up to the Castle which I found with relative ease.  I ended up in the back but followed some others that had made the same mistake.  The cost to get into the castle was 8,50 euro. I thought about not going in but knew the view would be amazing so I coughed up the money and ventured inside.  The walk up here is pretty steep at parts make sure you take water with you.  I didn't have any water and wished I did.  Also, no trains or city buses go up there and the tram gets closer but you still need to walk some. The castle was built in the mid 11th century and is amazing structure.  


After spending time there I started to head back down.  It was a much easier walk down than up.  I saw a peacock before I left and chased it around to get a picture.  I did have to stop for mango gelato on my walk down just to recharge myself.  I passed a restaurant and should have eaten there but decided to go to the House of Beer instead.  The restaurant looked good but I kept walking on. 


After seeing the castle I had my heart set on going to the House of Beer for dinner.  At this point I was getting pretty tired and wanted to go the beer museum before eating. This was about 3 euro (and not really worth the money in my opinion for the museum).  I sat down to dinner and though the steak I had was tasty, I feel like it was too expensive (bill in photos) they charged extra for the french fries.  The best thing was the Radler beer and the beer glass they served it in. 

As you can see the steak was 20 euro and the fries were 3 euro.  The beer was pretty inexpensive though.   After dinner I went back to the hotel and showered and went to bed after talking to my husband.  In the morning I woke up and checked out of the hotel and went to catch the Aerobus.  I thought the bus started running at 7am but it didn't start until 7:30am.  There was another girl standing there waiting for the bus and her flight was at 9am.  She decided to take a cab to the airport but I figured I had time and waited for the bus.  I had to get my money's worth of the Aerobus.  After waiting for a bit at the airport I made it on the plane glad to be headed home.  Did I tell you I like airplane food.  Especially coming back from another country.  

After flying 8 1/2 hours back to the states I met up with my husband at the Philadelphia airport (right where we separated) and we headed back on a flight home together.  This is the flight attendant and the flight attendants wife back together again.  

All in all it was a great trip, I definitely want to go back to Lisbon hopefully my husband can come with me!

Two Traveling Texans