Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon is an amazing place.  There were so many things I didn't get to see, there were just too many places to go.  

Before leaving Philly I had read that I could take the Aerobus into the city from the airport.  First off this is amazing.  It was easy to find right outside of the airport.  It was inexpensive 3 Euro for 24 hours.  Which meant that when I left in the morning to head back to Philly I didn't have to pay again.  In addition my hotel was listed on the back of the Aerobus pamphlet so I knew exactly where to go. 


The bus ride out was fairly quick I would say less than 30 minutes and the bus was fairly crowded.  Looking at the list I had an idea where my stop was and got up to get off of the bus. Of course at that time the bus lurched forward and I backwards.  There was a gentleman on the bus that steadied me and and being the traveler I am I said "grazie" duh wrong country.  The guy laughed at me and said I should learn the language.  I'm not italian so don't ask me where that came from.  So I asked him how do you say thank you in Portuguese (mind you I'm half Cape Verdian and the primary language there is Portuguese).  He told me that "obrigado" was how you say thank you.  See I was totally unprepared for this trip.  I got off the bus and walked to the hotel.  It was the cutest hotel ever the name was My Story Hotel Ouro.

My Story Ouro Hotel in Lisbon Portugal

My Story Ouro Hotel in Lisbon Portugal

I checked into the hotel and of course, the room would not be ready until 2 PM and it was only about 10ish.  I used the bathroom in the lobby to change my shirt and grabbed my camera and the necessities and left my bags with the hotel and headed out on my merry way. 

I was not following the map, I was wandering around.  We had driven by a grassy promenade that I wanted to go to and there were some buildings with graffiti that I wanted to take photos of.  I headed down to the water which was only about 3 blocks from the hotel. As I was walking one of the first things I came across was a street car. How cute they were and jam packed full of people.  I would not be getting on one of those this time. 

I then walked down to The Grand Praca do Comercio.  This is the biggest square or plaza in Lisbon and where trading used to take place.  In addition to that this is a major stop for the trams and the ferries are nearby also. 

I then walked to the water and looked to the right and wow the Golden Gate Bridge was here.  Ok, not the Golden Gate Bridge but the sister bridge of it.  This is the Ponte 25 de Abril.  It was actually built by the same group of companies. This bridge leads to a statue that is similar to the one in Rio.  This is called the National Sanctuary of Christ the King.  I did not head in that direction. 

I than walked the Rua Augusta.  There were many shops here and some of those high end ones you see in most cities.  I then stopped to eat at the Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau.  I had a Pastel de Bacalhau it is a codfish cake with cheese inside.  I also had some wine with it.  Yes I know it's barely noon but it was noon somewhere.  Anyway, the wine tasted more like a port and the codfish cake was pretty good.  They had a passport where you could visit 5 places and get a stamp from each place and then get a glass at the beer museum but I decided not to do this.  

While eating the codfish I spoke to my husband and heard his issues with flying to Munich.  

I will stop here and pick up next week I don't want these posts to be too long that you are completely bored.  



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